Freight dimensioning with CARGOMETER

The first dimensioning system
for moving forklifts




records the dimensions (length, width and height) and volume of each package up to a speed of 10 km/h.


uses forklift scales to weigh the freight during travel.


replaces manual scanning of two-dimensional barcodes (e.g. QR codes) with fully-automatic recognition in motion.


3D-Messung in Bewegung

Automatic measurement in motion

Cargo is metered, weighed and scanned as it passes through the loading gate.

Kein zusätzlicher Platzbedarf

No additional space needed

The sensors can be mounted directly on the terminal wall.

Arbeitsfluss bleibt erhalten

Workflow unaffected

There is no need to modify processes inside the terminal.

Messung des gesamten täglichen Frachtaufkommen

Recording of entire freight volume

Thanks to inexpensive high-tech sensors, CARGOMETER can be added to every loading gate in the terminal.


Bis zu 5% Mehrumsatz

Revenue increase

Correct tariff classification leads to revenue increases of up to 5 %.


Network optimisation

With precise volume and weigh information available, it becomes possible to optimise utilisation in national and international cargo networks.

Grüne Logistik

Green logistics

Network optimisation results in a significant reduction in environmental footprint.